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PUBG VIP Features

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[F1] Player ESP - Shows skeleton and box including the distance of the players, and their remaining HP.

[F2] Vehicle ESP - Shows what cars are available near you including their distance

[F3] Item Esp - Shows item availability inside and out of the buildings. Some items might not show up like shotguns and bandages but important items are shown. HQ weapons are shown in bold and orange texts.

[F4] Augment Weapon - Enables no recoil at its best. You have to press F4 button when you pickup a weapon. It doesn't stay green but you'll know it works when the crosshair has compressed together.

[F5] Aimbot - Aimlock to an enemy whether you chose head, spine and/or torso. It works by holding the right-click button on your mouse.

[Page Down] Aimbone - You can choose where to aimlock: Head, spine, and torso.


As you can see on the image attached, there's also a list of players listed on the left side of the screen that shows their HP and distance as well. For the latest hack update, aim prediction has been added as well. If there are things that I missed that are worth mentioning, please leave a comment below :)


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